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Operating System:  Windows 3.1 Windows 95 
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Product Order (Prices in U.S. dollars) 
Weave Simulator for Windows Single User License  275.00 
Weave Simulator for Windows Trial Edition on 3 1/2 Diskette  10.00 
Loom Control Options (Add to above) 
  AVL Compu-Dobby  75.00 
  LIPS, including Schacht, Cyrefco  50.00 
  SLIPS, including Schacht, Cyrefco  50.00 
  Macomber, including Air Dobby and ESP  50.00 
  J-Made J-Comp, 16 and 24 shaft looms  50.00 
Shipping and Handling Charges 
  U.S. (Priority Mail) or Canada (Air)  10.00 
  U.S. or Canada Express Mail  25.00 
  U.K. or Europe (Air)  15.00 
  U.K. or Europe Express Mail  30.00 
  Asia or Pacific Rim (Air)  20.00 
  Asia or Pacific Rim Express Mail  35.00 
Optional License also sent by Email  5.00
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Last updated: 3/2/98